(Golem Gates, Laser Guided Games)

Golem Gates Release Date Announced

The dark hybrid strategy game for PC, Golem Gates, has announced a release date today. Golem Gates has been in Early Access since December 2017, and it’s expected to formally release on March 28, 2018.

Does this trailer get you pumped or what?

The independent developers Laser Guided Games and Hollow Earth have teamed up for this project. Team members have worked on the games Gears of War  and Civilization as well as movies like The Avengers and Transformers. They specialize in creating PC games with unique mechanics. In the case of Golem Gates, they’ve merged real-time strategy with a battle card system. It’s fast-paced, visually-stunning, and intense.

(Golem Gates, Laser Guided Games)
(Golem Gates, Laser Guided Games)

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