Crowdfunding Spotlight – January

This is the inaugural edition of a recurring article that will showcase interesting board game Kickstarter campaigns.  So enough with the preamble.  Let’s get to the games!

First up is a game that caught my attention because of the artist, Ian O’Toole.  O’Toole worked on some of my personal favorite board game productions, such as Lisboa, The Gallerist, Vinhos, and A Study in Emerald 2nd Edition.  The Scarlet Pimpernel: Signature Edition, designed by Brian Kelley, uses an interesting action selection mechanic where you gain new actions during the game, but they can be stolen away by other players.  The standard edition pledge boasts some nice components and beautiful artwork, and the signature edition pledge level boasts some real nice component upgrades.  The latter pledge gains you custom player meeples, favor cards upgraded to favor tiles, and dual layered favor boards.

Each pledge level also includes one of the best components I’ve seen in the macabre first player marker, a guillotine.  Visit the campaign here.

Next up we have another Kickstarter campaign featuring an upgraded game.  Tasty Minstrel Games continues their trend of taking games released outside the United States and bringing them across the pond with “Deluxified” versions.  Gentes is an intriguing civilization game featuring action selection with a unique time management mechanic.  Gentes, designed by Stefan Risthaus, contains some impressive silk-screen printed wooden pieces, metal coins, and dual layered player boards.  The campaign has already funded and there is still about three weeks left to go so go check out Gentes: Deluxified Edition.  

The goodness continues with the expansion for the fun, cooperative, action point allowance game Dead Men Tell No Tales.  The DMTNT: The Kraken campaign features a new threat that you must defeat in order to win, the namesake of the expansion, the kraken.  With some cool sea monster miniatures and the fact that it has already funded this campaign looks like it’s poised to open up some stretch goals.  There are multiple pledge levels that include character miniatures.  Check out the campaign here.

Finally, we have a campaign that isn’t for a board game, but oddly enough, is for a book that features the art of a board game.  The Art of Tokaido is a hardcover book containing the work of artist Naiade and art director Philippe Nouhra.  Tokaido, the game, is a beloved family-weight game that somehow combines a peaceful zen-like feeling with stressful action blocking by opponents.  Go take a look at some of the beautiful artwork and the campaign over on Kickstarter.

That’s all for this week’s highlights.  See you next time with more interesting campaigns and a test of your willpower (I know I’m having difficulty keeping myself from backing at least one of these games)!

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