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Wulverblade Now Available on Steam, Xbox One & PS4

The 2D beat ’em up side-scroller, Wulverblade, is now available on Steam. PS4, and Xbox One. If you hadn’t gotten the chance to play this one on Switch, now’s your chance!

The game boasts eight levels overflowing with sharp blades, bloodthirsty hordes and deadly arenas. You can play solo or recruit a pal for two person co-op. Play as Caradoc, Brennus or Guinevere – members of a family originating in the northern tribe of the Caledonii. Your character must defend the homeland and kill lots of invaders. So many invaders.

Wulverblade contains enough historical facts and raw combat to feel like the real thing – and it even features drone videos shot in the actual locations,” adds Michael Heald, founder of Fully Illustrated and creative director on Wulverblade. “Sure, it’s stylized – but the fighting was that brutal and soldiers in the 9th Legion deserved to get their butts kicked by the Caledonii. I dare say that playing Wulverblade has therapeutic value – and you’ll even learn a thing or two about Britannia’s gruesome past.”

Pricing & Availability
Wulverblade is available on SwitchSteam, PS4, and Xbox One. The Steam, PS4, and Xbox One versions retail for $14.99.

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