(Eco, Strange Loop Games)

Eco Launches in Early Access Today

After three years in development, Eco launches in Early Access on Steam today. The world-survival game is unlike other survival or civilization-building games. The existence of all plants, animals, and people are delicately intertwined. Players must carefully use resources from the world without destroying the food supply or causing animals to go extinct.

A virtual government allows players to take ecosystem data into consideration and enact laws to protect the environment. In addition, water and pollution systems manage byproducts of mining and construction. If players let the environment become too polluted, the entire civilization may collapse. There are consequences for every action in Eco.

(Eco, Strange Loop Games)
(Eco, Strange Loop Games)

The simulated economy lets players trade not only goods but also services. Players can create contracts in a quest-like labor market and hire other real players to complete tasks for them. They can also charge other online players for the use of their services or machinery.

Winning awards for “Climate Change” and “Best Use of Imagination in Gameplay,” we’re excited to see how the Early Access is received by audiences. If the ambitious concept is interesting to you, the game can be found on SteamĀ here.

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