Crowdfunding Corner – February

Apparently, February is the month for crowdfunding board games and, coincidentally, it’s also the month my birthday falls in.  That may be a not so subtle hint to my friends and family for possible gift ideas, but nonetheless the super interesting campaigns just keep coming.  I’ll stop being blatantly obvious and get on to the games.

First up we have the 2nd edition of a game by one of my favorite designers, Vital Lacerda.  CO2: Second Chance is a game about power companies trying to provide electricity for the world without adversely affecting the climate.  The original game is semi-cooperative, but now there is a full co-op mode for players to explore.  For my money, this seems to be a more thematic way to play a game about saving the planet.

It’s so purdy!

 The new edition boasts the same beautiful artwork of the first game (by Paula Simonetti and Giacomo Tappainer) with some updated graphic design, artwork, and iconography by Ian O’Toole.  There are also some updated rules and a cleaned up rulebook.  With excellent components, the aforementioned updates, and the plethora of unlocked stretch goals I don’t know why you haven’t done a search and already backed the project.  I’ll help you with this link.

Next we have an expansion for the pyramid, tableau-building game Viceroy.  The base game has a very engaging economic mechanic in which cards added to the player’s tableau create circles and when all cards in those circles match you gain a gem of that color.  There are also boons depending on which level of the pyramid the card is installed on.  Viceroy: Times of Darkness adds 3 modules that change up game play and some revised 2-player and solitaire rules.  

List of goodies for you to play with.

The first module, Aristocrats, adds new character cards that give no benefit on the first level, but give a special bonus.  The second module, Invasion, features hordes of monsters that attack players at the end of the 3rd, 7th, and 11th turns.  Players will gain rewards for defeating these invaders.  The final module, Underworld, allows players to build their pyramids downward, but players may suffer penalties for doing so.  All in all, this campaign sounds like it will breathe a considerable amount of new life into an already great game.  So check out the campaign here.

Now let’s take a look at The Reckoners which is based off the books by Brandon Sanderson.  I’m not gonna lie, I was attracted to this campaign because I’m currently reading through Mr. Sanderson’s “Cosmere” books and I’m becoming a gigantic fan!  In The Reckoners 1-6 players work cooperatively to take down a group of villains known as “Epics” who are lead by the main baddie, Steelheart.  Epics are people who have gained superpowers following a mysterious burst in the sky that happened 10 years ago.  Besides the super great theme behind this game there is some really nice production and unique mechanics.

Must get shiny things!

Epics start out being not so powerful and get stronger the longer players leave them undefeated.  Players will have to investigate some Epics in order to figure out their weakness before they CAN defeat them.  I’m usually not one for heavy luck games that involve dice rolling, but the theme really shines through in the game design and production on this one.  My interest has definitely been piqued here.  So check out the campaign and see if you too want to jump on Sanderson bandwagon!

Finally, we have a new standalone expansion for the cooperative deck-building game Aeon’s End.  Aeon’s End: Legacy takes the ever popular legacy style mechanics and adds them to the solid foundation of deck-building.  Players will complete a campaign where they build up a character over the course of seven chapters while defending Gravehold against a horde of Nameless (the monsters threatening the existence of the human race).  Those characters are then backwards compatible with the original game and the standalone expansion Aeon’s End: War Eternal.  


The base game has been on my wish list for some time now and with this new campaign it’s only cemented itself.  I’m a sucker for legacy style games and deck-building games.  Indie Boards and Cards have mashed those two things together and in the process made me want to hand my bank account over to them.  The campaign has already reached its funding goal and unlocked multiple stretch goals.  Go check it out on Kickstarter and see if you’ll be signing over your account next to me.

That’s all for now, but if this month keeps going like it is I’ll be back very soon with more gift ideas.  😉

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