Crowdfunding Spotlight – March

On the newest Crowdfunding Spotlight we have some pretty big games to cover.  So let’s dive right in and get your money’s worth!

First up we have Edge of Darkness, the 3rd game that uses the card crafting system from Mystic Vale and Custom Heroes. The designer, John D. Clair, was working on Edge of Darkness when he spun off to design those games from the concepts he developed for EoD. If you aren’t familiar with the card crafting system, players have cards in sleeves and can add slips to those cards which make the card more powerful by adding abilities and upgrades. The twist here is those cards and slips are double sided with a negative effect on the back side.  As players make cards more powerful they are also making the dark forces whom they are attempting to defeat more dangerous. Players take on the role as leaders of guilds in the fantasy city of Aegis and are competing with one another to become the leader of the city.  All the while working together trying to defeat the great evil attacking Aegis.

Sure is pretty!

The campaign has already raised over $380,000 (at the time of writing this article) and unlocked tons of stretch goals including solo play mode.  There are two pledge levels to choose between.  The Agent pledge gets you the basic setup of the game without stretch goals for $60.  The Guildmaster pledge gets you the advanced setup which includes all of the unlocked stretched goals for $100.  There are a ton of components for this monster of a game!  The campaign ends in 6 days so hurry up and check out the campaign here.

Next we have a game that blurs the line between board and video games with a heavy touch of virtual reality.  In Chronicles of Crime players are investigators in modern day London trying to solve various crimes.  This cooperative, scenario based game uses an app.  Players explore scenes searching for clues to help solve the case and must relay what they see to other players who take that information and try to match it to evidence categories.

Its like looking into the future.

The game comes with 6 scenarios and 3 extra scenarios through unlocked stretch goals.  You can pick up a copy for only $39 or get the deluxe edition for a $49 pledge.  The campaign has already raised over $550,000 with 3 days left!  Go check it out on Kickstarter here.

Another game getting a lot of buzz is Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.  This game is a Kickstarter exclusive as it is so massive that the publishers have said they wouldn’t be able to release it in retail at a reasonable cost.  The game is so big that it comes in TWO boxes!!!  One to hold all the heroes and one to hold all the villains.

Those are not exactly small boxes!

Batman: GCC is a one versus all game in which 1 player controls the main villain and his henchmen while the other players play as Batman and his cohorts trying to bring the villain to justice and thwart his evil plot.  The game uses some similar mechanics to the publisher’s previous release Conan, but is it’s own beast.  You can pick up a copy of the base game for $140 or go the All-In pledge route and get the 4 expansions as well for $320.  Considering the amount of content included, those seem like more than reasonable prices.  There is so much here that I can’t begin to do it justice.  Just go check out the campaign for yourself and see.

Finally we have a game by the designer, Scott Caputo.  Sorcerer City is a game that mashes together deck building, tile placement, and real time games.  In Sorcerer City players will build their cities using tiles and scoring 4 different resources.  They then buy new tiles to add to their pool and rebuild their city in the next round.

To be completely forthright, I’m not usually one for real-time games, but the implementation of it in this game is done well.  Add to that the interesting resource management mechanics and color me intrigued.  The campaign has already surpassed it’s funding goal and unlocked a plethora of stretch goals.  With 12 days to go the sky is the limit.  Check out the game here and see if you too may enjoy this real-time strategy game!

That’s all for this installment of Crowdfunding Spotlight, but I’ll be back real soon with some games to drain your wallet.  They just seem to keep rolling in!

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