Crowdfunding Spotlight – April

With this installment of Crowdfunding Spotlight we shine a light on some really interesting projects.  From a dinosaur of a game to a game about dinosaurs, from a small expansion and reprint to the dice version of a game.  What type of game won’t we see?! Let’s find out.

First up we have a project featuring an expansion, a new stand alone game, and the ability to acquire the elusive original game: Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction.  The original, Dinosaur Island, could be described as the board game version of Jurassic Park with a very 80’s aesthetic.  Players open up theme parks featuring dinosaurs which are created from the extraction and manipulation of DNA.  There is so much in this campaign that I’m going to gloss over many things just to give you an idea of the main points.  

Don Johnson in the house!!!

The expansion adds new specialists, events, plot twists, blueprints, executives, park extensions, and new to Dinosaur Island…WATER DINOZ!!!  And as you can see above they haven’t shied away from that 80’s vibe!  Add in the 5th player and Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid really ramps up the replayability of the base game.

Like…totally tubular!

The standalone game featured in the campaign, Duelosaur Island, is a 2-player game which distills the original into a more compact, hand-management, tableau-building, dice-drafting version of it’s big brother.  For someone who really enjoys the original and plays lots of 2-player games with their significant other, this really has my attention.

Those dinos are super cute!

The campaign also allows newcomers to obtain the original game with all the extra bells and whistles from the first campaign.  There are multiple pledge levels to get the exact combination that fits your needs. And with over $1 million raised you can be assured that your copy will be blinged out!

Next up we have the dice version of an previously released game.  Rice Dice takes the original game of Spirits of the Rice Paddy and streamlines into a 30-45 minute dice game.  I backed the original game, so this really caught my eye. 

It’s just so pretty. I want to go to there!

Rice Dice is just as beautiful as the original and seems to pack the essence of “Spirits” into a considerably smaller package.  While introducing a new race mechanic (the first player to harvest 100 rice wins), the dice version promises to not feel stale when compared to the original. With a pledge price of just $25 how can you say no?!  And did I mention that you can pick up a copy of Spirits of the Rice Paddy at a discounted cost?

This next campaign has lots of similarities to the two previous ones we highlighted.  Crisis: The New Economy is a very small expansion to the base game, but is one that yours truly also backed.  Crisis is an economic game based the dystopian future world of Axia.  Each player represents an investor trying to keep Axia’s economy from collapsing.   This semi-cooperative game has been difficult to get and therefor much sought after following the original campaign.

Lilu, multipass!

The new expansion adds just 15 new companies which players can invest in, but also allows for newcomers to get a copy of the original.  The publishers stated in the campaign that the new expansion is the basis for some future expansions they have in the works. This has me very excited and you should be too!   😉

I would be remiss to not mention this final campaign.  It may sound very familiar to most of you.  Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar is a re-implementation of the much beloved game from the ‘80s.

Whoa!!! That’s a lot of plastic. Won’t those fireballs make it all melty?!?!

I have many reservations about this game.  The original wasn’t very good, but it was loved by many, including myself when we were much younger.  I’m not exactly sure this game will be good,  but it does have one thing going for it.  Nostalgia.  The original was a roll and move game with some take-that mechanics that also had a high amount of luck.  That has all the ingredients of a game that just won’t hold up in today’s market of designer board games.  On the other hand, the production for this game is beyond stunning and Restoration Games, the publisher, is known for, well, restoring old games. Their modus operandi is to take older games, polish them up, and give them updated mechanics in order to breath new life into forgotten gems.  Restoration Games is very good at what they do.  So while I am hesitant, I am also very intrigued. I’m sure at least one of you is interested in clicking this link.

That’s all for this week.  Before I go, I would also like to highlight a few campaigns for some board game content creators.  Check out the campaign to fund the No Pun Included: Season 2 here. They make entertaining and funny reviews and news videos that I just adore.  Also consider checking out the campaign to support The Secret Cabal. They do multiple podcasts for board games, role-playing games, and much, much, much more. These two content creators are among my favorites and have been instrumental in me creating my own YouTube channel, starting this website, and writing this column.  So please consider contributing to their campaigns. That’s all for now. Thanks and see you all soon! Cheers!

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