EONIA, Poysky Productions

EONIA Now in Early Access

Poysky Productions has announced the Early Access launch of a bright and colorful open world adventure game, EONIA. The game is described as a mix between Morrowind and Myst. It features exploration and adventure paired with classic puzzles.

EONIA allows the player to do many of the traditional adventure game skills: blacksmithing, repairing, brewing potions, crafting, and fishing. More unique to this game are the abilities of dissecting animals, mapping, drawing, and manipulating minerals. We’re curious to see how these abilities play into the overall theme of the game.

While everything looks calming and serene, the game devs hint at “foreboding dangers” lurking in the beautiful world they created.

The game is still in production, but the developer is actively putting out new content. Just yesterday, they shared a sneak peek of a work-in-progress skill tree. They have been using the Steam forums and AMA series to directly involve the players in the creation of the game. This is a wonderful opportunity for fans to play a part in the creation of EONIA.

Eonia, Poysky Productions
EONIA, Poysky Productions

The game is currently available for $11.99 on Steam with the full version expected to be released in Q2 2019.


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