Safe House, Labs Games

Manage Spies in Safe House, Out Now

Have you ever dreamed of running your own spy ring? Inspired by Archer or James Bond? Canadian developer, Labs Games, has brought us a new spy-themed strategy game called Safe House.

The player takes the role of a CIA officer who is in charge the fictional Kazitaire City Safe House. The government is corrupt and the player must build a strong spy ring full of agents who can quietly fight against those in power. Part base management simulator, the player starts with a mostly empty headquarters. As they build and expand upon their station, they can recruit agents and assign them to missions.

Safe House features a story mode with multiple endings available. The endings are based on missions outcomes, abilities, and unlocked operations. It also offers a non-linear endless mode.

Are you interested in Safe House? If so, you can find the game on Steam here¬†for $9.99. If you’re interested in a more personal experience, you can also follow Lab Games on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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