Subnautica Offers Discount and Donation for World Oceans Day

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, creators of the popular underwater adventure game, Subnautica, are giving back to the planet for World Oceans Day. Now through June 11th, Subnautica is available on Steam for 20% off. The developers will donate 15% of their net profits to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) charity. The WDC is a charity that funds conversation projects, field research, and campaigns to help protect whales and dolphins.

Subnautica has been one of our favorite games to play this year. It combines open-world (or sea?) adventuring with survival and base-building elements. The player is free to spend the entire play through crafting brilliant underwater bases, but they can also follow a surprisingly wonderful and thought-provoking story line. The game features gorgeous underwater biomes and monsters worth Nope-ing over.

provides VR support without an additional purchase, and there are rumors of an arctic DLC on the way. You can pick up the game for 20% off on Steam here. If you’re interested in following the development team or the WDC charity, they can be found on social media here: @UWEDev@Subnautica@WHALES_org.

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