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Kona VR Released – Investigate 1970’s Canada

Developer Parabole has released its chilly, survival adventure game, Kona, in VR. It’s supported on Oculus, HTC Vive and motion controls. Now players can investigate the spooky 1970’s Northern Canada in virtual reality. Kona VR is almost exactly the same as the base game we fell in love with in 2016, but now driving, exploring, and hiding in fear will seem much more realistic.

Developers state that the only big change is an added a Safe Mode that allows players to bypass combat. Players are able to use the same save game to switch back and forth between VR and non-VR at anytime. We can see this coming in handy if you have a tough time driving the truck in VR or you are running in fear from the terrible things that might lurk in the Manastan region.

If the player owns the base game, they can pick up the VR DLC for $5.99 USD. If they don’t own the base game, they can buy the Kona + VR bundle for $20.98 (now $18.88 on sale). These can be found on Steam here.


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