A Fold Apart, Lightning Rod Games

Indie Game A Fold Apart Launches on Fig

A new trailer and Fig.co campaign has launched for 3D puzzle game A Fold Apart. Based on the true story of the long-distance relationship between Lightning Rod Games’ co-founder Mark Laframboise and his wife, Robyn, A Fold Apart features an award-winning paper folding game mechanic. Over 50 unique puzzles tell the emotional story of two characters, Alex and Sam. Players choose any gender combination for Alex and Sam to create a personalized experience.

Alex and Sam are determined to stay together despite living far apart due to their jobs. They text each other often, but misunderstandings still happen and lead to emotional and physical separation. The player folds and unfolds the pieces of paper that the characters are on to bring them back together.

The Toronto-based studio, Lightning Rod Games, is offering several layers of rewards for contributors. They include a digital copy of the game on PC, Switch, XBox One, or PS4, in-game credits, artwork, enamel pins, digital soundtrack, and more. Rewards are targeted for Q1 2019.

The campaign ends on July 19, 2018. Check it out here.

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