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Objects in Space Early Access Launches

Early access for open world stealth action game Objects in Space is available for 10% off on Steam and GOG for PC or Mac for a limited time. Set in a star cluster light-years from Earth, Objects in Space is made up of many short stories rather than one long campaign. You are the captain of your ship. It’s up to you to decide how to make your money to keep it shipshape. And to keep it running in a hostile location full of pirates, organized crime, and shady politicians.

Australian developer Flat Earth Games designed Objects in Space so that no one player can experience everything available. Players decide to engage opponents in a game of cat-and-mouse or stay safe in the high traffic lanes. Focus is on tactical combat rather than reflexes and twitch muscles. The ships in Object in Space are modeled from submarines rather than fighter planes. Every aspect of the ship is customizable. Even game controllers can be customized by the player using Arduino.

The promotional price ends on June 28, 2018. Early access pricing will continue until version 1.0 releases. The final price has not yet been set. Get it on Steam or GOG.

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