Lost in Harmony, Playdius

Musical Runner Lost in Harmony Comes to Switch and PC

Award winning mobile game, Lost in Harmony, has been released for Switch and PC. Both versions contain the original story, Kaito’s Adventure, and the companion story, M.I.R.A.I.’s Escape. In Kaito’s Adventure you control Kaito and Aya, teenagers sticking together while fate keeps trying to split them apart. M.I.R.A.I.’s Escape has you controlling the robot M.I.R.A.I. as it runs from its lab and across the universe. Each captivating tale draws the player in with music and graphics and story.

Lost in Harmony features two separate soundtracks of original music. Players dodge obstacles in time to the music while running through over 30 hand-painted environments. Both soundtracks feature work by well-known game composers and are available on multiple platforms. The new versions of Lost in Harmony bring the customization of the mobile version. Choose the character’s clothes, hats, headphones, and skateboard.

Independent developer, Digixart, and French publisher, Playdius, launched Lost in Harmony for PC on Steam and for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop on June 21, 2018.

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