PLAYNE, Vismaya

Find Inner Peace with PLAYNE: The Meditation Game, Now on Steam

Scottish indie developer, Vismaya, brings us a game to teach mindfulness and guided mediation. The world in PLAYNE: The Mediation Game evolves as the player meditates, creating lush, intriguing surroundings from an empty landscape. When players return daily, they are rewarded with “streaks” that progress a story line and player levels.

According to alpha testers, the game encouraged more than 90% of players to meditate daily. 85% of testers felt better after playing the game more than once. The developer lists benefits of meditation that include reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. Wind down after a long match of PUBG?

PLAYNE is now available in Early Access on Steam here. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on Q4 2018.

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