Ball Grabbers, Part Time Monkey

Indie Sports Game Ball Grabbers Launches on Steam

Indie Sports/Action game Ball Grabbers is set to launch in July. It’s a brutal, 2-person PvP mix of soccer and fighting. The game has players trying to score goals while battling obstacles like animals, bombs, and each other. Dash, jump, tackle, and throw the ball into your opponent’s goal.

Challenge your friends to a game. Choose from 5 amazing arenas, each with their own quirks to help you and hurt your friend. Then choose from 3 unique characters that also have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Play them all and develop a strategy that suits you best. Throw curve balls, make tricky Power-Shots, attack you opponent, all on the way to becoming the ultimate of all  Ball Grabbers!

Designers Part Time Monkey created this physics-based action sports game to work with controllers  and two players on one keyboard. Ball Grabbers launches on Steam for PC on July 13, 2018. Mark your calendar!

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