MagiCats Builder, Dreamz Studio

Sandbox Platformer MagiCats Builder Launches on Steam

Sandbox platformer MagiCats Builder launched for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android on July 10th, 2018. Build your own platformer with the easy to use, visual coding system. Play the nearly infinite user created levels. Embrace the many, many cat puns.

Caramel, the first MagiCat, rediscovers the skill of coding, once lost to the world. After mastering it, he teaches it to other cats, creating an elite group of MagiCats. Together they build their Catstructions, making bigger and better ones, trying to best each other.

MagiCats Builder  features hand drawn graphics, local multiplayer for up to four players, and full customization with the simple coding tool. Share your custom levels with your friends or the world. Developer Dreamz Studio had the game in early release for eight months to provide players with the best experience possible.

MagiCats Builder is available for PC and Mac on Steam, and in the App Store and Play Store. The game is free, and has in app purchases.

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