Uagi-Saba, Undergroundies

Creature Care Simulator Uagi-Saba Releases on Steam

Independent creature care simulator Uagi-Saba released on August 1st for PC on Steam. The game is set far below the surface of a ruined planet covered in an endless winter. Years before, a giant space rock crashed into the planet, killing all life on the surface and leading to the deaths of those living underground. The truth of the planet is long forgotten, but stories abound of magic below the surface. And a creature that used to be known as Uagi-Saba, or the sleeping beast.

Players raise Mystics, magical beings hatched from eggs below the surface of the planet. Breed your Mystics to improve their stats through new genes and body parts. Teach them new words to learn more about what they’re thinking, feeling, and need. Harvest new resources and find ancient books. Attract more and more people to grow your tribe. Grow mushrooms then bake them into cakes or ferment them into potions. Each Mystic is unique depending on how they are raised. Build and grow and succeed!

Undergroundies developed part of the game live on Twitch. It is available for 10% off on Steam through August 8, 2018.

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