Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, Iceberg Interactive

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Announced

Fans of the horror genre will be excited to hear that a 2019 release has been announced for Lunacy: Saint Rhodes. This first-person survival horror game is being published by Iceberg Interactive and will be the first release for developer Lazarus Studio.

In Lunacy: Saint Rhodes you explore the town of Saint Rhodes looking for the truth about your family’s grisly murder and investigate the history of your family home. But evil forces are at work in this small town; creatures roam the streets. And while you search for clues to help you survive what haunts Saint Rhodes you are always being watched; never alone.

What makes this game unique is that it adapts to your playing style based on your actions. An advanced AI watches your every move and changes the course of the game to make sure that you never truly feel safe. And with many paths leading to your eventual outcome, no single visit to the town will be the same.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes will be available on PC in 2019 but you can wishlist the game on Steam now.


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