Woodpunk, Libredia Entertainment

Woodpunk Teaser Trailer Released

A teaser trailer for upcoming indie action game Woodpunk is available now. The game is set in the Middle Ages in which wood is the cutting edge energy source that rules the day. Way before steampunk, there was Woodpunk!

You play an expert inventor living as a scientist in a world of artists. Your robot that creates weapons roams the land with you, fighting, building, and fighting! Everything on the map is destructible: trees, boxes, people. And you use all those bits to customize new weapons, discover new abilities, or upgrade your robot.

Woodpunk is a riotous pixel shooter that features random levels, random loot to pick up, and randomly generated stuff. Build a giant arsenal of weaponry, both melee and ranged, with over 1400 combinations of parts. Near endless variations of level designs mean exciting challenges and high replay value. Play with friend: you control the inventor and your friend controls the robot. Build, destroy, and build some more!

Developer Meteorbyte Studios and publisher Libredia Entertainment have slated a Q4 2018 release. For more information, visit Steam.

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