Hypergun, a Rogue-like Shooter, Launches on Steam

Action-packed FPS Hypergun launches soon on for PC on Steam. In the near future, aliens invade the world and humans rush to develop the ultimate weapon. Their hope lies in the Hypergun project at DevTech Labs. The company set up an alien fighting simulator to test different weapon load outs.

You begin as Dewey Owens, DevTech Labs intern, but you can level up through different character classes to lawyer. Dewey sneaks into the labs at night to explore the offices and build and test his own weapon designs. While you roam the offices, read emails, bug reports, and sticky notes to learn about the DevTech development team. Then build your Hypergun with over 150 different attachments. Add the Canuck Special to launch purple beavers. Use the Ripsaw to fire saw blades. Attach the Valentines Slay to temporarily convert the aliens to your side. After you put together your weapon, jump into the simulator to test it out.

The game releases for PC on Steam on August 23, 2018. Xbox One and PS4 versions will release in the fall.

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