The Blackout Club, Question

The Blackout Club in Early Access

Cooperative paranormal thriller The Blackout Club is now available for early access on PC. The game is set in a small town in Appalachia with no cell towers and no internet access. It follows a group of teenagers brought together by the strange occurrences around them. Multiple blackouts, a friend’s disappearance, and the locals refusing to believe them. They work together to discover a cabal of adults that are deep into the occult. A cabal that turned the townspeople into sleepwalkers. To save the day, The Blackout Club¬†sneaks out for nighttime missions. The goal is to infiltrate a maze of underground tunnels flooded with hypnotic music and then capture the conspiracy on camera.

You work with up to three other players to collect evidence and avoid the sleepwalkers. Because the sleepwalkers are amazingly alert despite their condition. You use various tools, like grappling hooks, fireworks, stun guns, and tranquilizer darts, to discover the secrets. But every use has a price. An unseen entity watches everything. And captures anyone who interferes with its plans.

Developer/publisher Question released the game for early access on Steam on October 30, 2018. It’s slated for full release on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 in Q1 2019.

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