Moonlighter, 11 bit studios

Comfy Game Corner: Moonlighter gets companion update

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Digital Sun Games and 11 bit studios has released a free “Friends & Foes” update for Moonlighter. The update includes dungeon companions, minibosses, more storytelling, and improved inventory management systems.

Moonlighter, 11 bit studios
Moonlighter, 11 bit studios

Here’s what players can expect:

  • Each of the nine new companions has a different way to assist the player. Some may help in battle, heal the player, or collect items in a dungeon. Want your own companion? Kill an enemy 10 times and take great care of the egg that drops.
  • Eight new minibosses can be found on the first and second floors of dungeons.
  • Additional storyline can be uncovered at Zenon’s Campfire and Tomo now has more to say.
  • The game now reminds the player to follow up with the banker so he doesn’t take all of your hard-earned money.
  • There are new ways to sort the inventory and a new pricing system for the shop.

Owners of the game will automatically get the update via game client. Moonlighter is available on Nintendo Switch, PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox One, and PS4 (and it appears to be 25-40% off right now, depending on the platform).


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