Cuphead, Studio MDHR

Switch eShop Spotlight: 4-19-19

Every week Nintendo releases a ton of great games, sometimes more than we have time to dig through. When it comes to what came out on the Nintendo Switch eShop yesterday and beyond, you can find out today on the End Game Bonus Switch eShop Spotlight! Make sure to check back every Friday for our corny, totally fake awards to some of our most anticipated Switch titles this week.

Your Invitation to Microsoft and Nintendo’s Wedding award: Cuphead

Cuphead, Studio MDHR
Cuphead, Studio MDHR

Pull on your nostalgia boots and enjoy Cuphead on your Nintendo Switch! This bullet-hell, boss rush platformer was originally released on XBox and PC exclusively in 2017 but is now playable on the go. Dodge insane attacks and defeat stressful boss battles that will give you gray hairs. Heavily inspired by early 1930’s cartoons, Cuphead is beautifully animated with hand drawn cels and an all original jazz soundtrack. Cuphead feels so at home on the switch, you’ll want to play it again and again to get a new high score. Yes, it is another couch co-op featured here, but even if you have played Cuphead already on PC or Xbox, you’ll want to play it again on Switch.

Darkness Imprisoning Me award: You Died… but a Necromancer Revived You

You Died... but a Necromancer Revived You, JaimeAlvarezLosada
You Died… but a Necromancer Revived You, JaimeAlvarezLosada

I cannot live, I cannot die…Can you escape this crazy death tower without dying? No? That’s okay, if you die you’ll just be revived! You Died… but a Necromancer Revived You is a top-down arcade-style puzzle game in which you must reach the top of the tower and best the necromancer to gain your freedom. Avoid traps including chainsaws, spears, spikes, cannons, and flamethrowers…all with the help of your friends in a couch competitive co-op mode!

Escapism at it’s Finest award: My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia, Team17 Digital Ltd
My Time at Portia, Team17 Digital Ltd

Farm, fight, mine, craft, and woo charming NPCs in My Time at Portia now available on Nintendo Switch. Inherit your father’s workshop and make an impact on the town of Portia. Collect materials in the mines or around town or nurture crops and animals to build awesome machines and gifts for townsfolk. Explore plenty of other areas in Portia including ruins and dungeons for epic battles.

But wait, there’s more!

For the full list of games, check out the Nintendo Switch eShop for tons of exciting titles. Let us know what games we missed. Which of these new titles are you most excited to play this weekend?

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