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Vambrace: Cold Soul Released and On Sale

Roguelike strategy game Vambrace: Cold Soul released on May 28th for PC and Mac. It’s a throwback to games like Castlevania, Elder Scrolls, and JRPGs. And it’s on sale for its first week.

The residents of city Icenaire have returned from the dead as crazed Wraiths by the King of Shades. The survivors hide deep underground to fight against the other-worldly powers that outmatch them. Until finally a stranger arrives to save them. In Vambrace: Cold Soul, you play Evelia Lyric, bearer of the vambrace, Aetherbrace. And you are the only human that can enter the city to fight the hordes.

Create a party of fighters with their various strengths to avoid traps, encounter strange challenges, survive deadly combat. Develop a strategy using multiple races and classes, item crafting, and treasure hunting. Battle through seven chapters full of adventure. Find codex pages to expand the world’s lore. Make the crucial decisions that will determine whether your team will live or suffer a permanent death at the hands of the King of Shades.

Vambrace: Cold Soul is on sale for the first week of release. Get it for 10% off on Steam. It comes to PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch in the third quarter.

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