Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition, Ivy Games

Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition (PS4) Review

I had no idea what to expect from Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition. I completely missed the original game coming out for the PC. But the screenshots I saw piqued my interest and I always like a game I can play on the PS4. And I like physics. So, despite the fact that I was nervous about the gameplay (it seemed hard, alright), I was excited to dive in.

What is Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition?

Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition is a physics-based puzzler with a main character that flies through space, encountering different planets and features as she goes. It’s all tied to a story that reveals itself through gameplay and short cut scenes.

Originally, I only played through about a fifth of the game. At that point, I put it aside and started writing this review. A little bit of writer’s block and little bit of reality kept me away from the keyboard, but I ended up completing the game within the week. So, you know it’s good game, why should you bother reading more? Partially due to politeness, but mostly because I share more insight as to why you should play the game, too. So keep going. You can do it!

Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition, Ivy Games
Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition, Ivy Games

What can you expect?

Visually, the game strikes a good balance between artistic and functional. The chalk drawing style is not only used in the cut scenes, but is evident in the gameplay, too. The use of negative space gives both a play boundary and the feeling that each level is a little solar system in the depths of the galaxy. The sound design is effective without being intrusive. Story parts could be louder, but I could hear everything fine. The music is atmospheric (you really can’t describe this game in anything but physics-related terms) and available on Steam. The story line is touching, and while the opening levels set the scene, I still found myself surprised by all of the details revealed by the end.

All of the levels are organized into constellations, which play their own parts in the story. The controls are introduced as you play the first levels. More controls are added as you play, up through the last constellation. Sometimes I got a couple of them mixed up, but I occasionally do that even with games I’ve been playing for years. One of the benefits of this PS4 version, is the addition of a number of challenge levels. I found those to be much harder than the story levels (I’m actually stuck on the second one), but no less fun for it.

Sometimes I had trouble with the controls, mostly forgetting what they were. I wish I could see the entire map at once. And some of the symbols were difficult to distinguish on the screen. The biggest annoyance I found was each level started zoomed out, so it was hard to see what to do at first. That only matters for some of the levels, though.


  • The physics are realistic, if not always intuitive.
  • A touching, yet bittersweet, story ties everything together.
  • The deluxe edition for PS4 has an added constellation with new levels, three bonus tracks, and a new playable character.

If you want a quick intro to the game, head to our YouTube channel to watch the first look I recorded as part of this review.

Where can I get it?

Get Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition on PS4. The original version is onĀ Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.

NOTE: A key was provided to the reviewer.

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