Crying Suns Out Today: Humble Bundle’s New Tactical Rogue-Lite

On Wednesday September 19 publisher Humble Bundle unveiled their latest indie title Crying Suns, which has released today on PC and Mac. Developer Alt Shift brings a new perspective to the rogue-lite genre by infusing a deep narrative into tactical space combat.

Players follow the story of one of the best leaders in space combat Admiral Ellys Idaho…or rather, a clone of his? You are humanity’s only hope to stop mankind’s extinction and bring peace back to the galaxy. Lead your battleship and comrades into battle but one wrong move could be your downfall. Alt Shift’s team does a great job blending detailed pixel art with 3D graphics, while filling each chapter with hundreds of possible events to keep you replaying.

Not completely sold yet? Well you can download the free demo today on Humble Bundle’s site. It is available for purchase via the Humble Bundle store for $24.99 for PC and Mac, with an iPad release in the works. For more indie game announcements, check out our End Game Bonus Indie Game News page.

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