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Duck in Town – A Rising Knight Dropped!

Comedy adventure game Duck in Town – A Rising Knight released on September 30th. It’s available on Steam and for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Welcome to Town. It is the capital of the Duck Kingdom. Not coincidentally, it is the home to the Duck King. Town is full of mysteries, histories, and other, non-rhyming, weird things and people. I’ve also heard it has great nachos.

You play a cute duck named Duckson. Duckson’s father, Duck, has brought him to Town. Duckson knows that a king means knights. And he is ready to achieve his dream of becoming the greatest knight ever! To that end, you’ll talk to the quirky villagers in Town. Join the Duck Guild. Learn about Town’s history. Uncover what mysteries it hides. Unearth the secrets of the Pigeon War: a conflict in the recent past between the ducks and the pigeons. On your way to knighthood, you, and Duckson, help the villagers, discover unique items, and win the squawk contest!

Duck in Town – A Rising Knight is the first chapter in an upcoming 3D adventure series. Get it on Steam for PC, Mac, or Linux (15% off until October 7th), or for PC and Linux.

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