Switch eShop Spotlight: 10-11-19

Every week Nintendo releases a ton of great games, sometimes more than we have time to dig through. When it comes to what came out on the Nintendo Switch eShop yesterday and beyond, you can find out today on the End Game Bonus Switch eShop Spotlight! Make sure to check back every Friday for our corny, totally fake awards to some of our most anticipated Switch titles this week.

Least Likely to Put us to Sleep award: Little Briar Rose

Little Briar Rose, Elf Games

Explore the gorgeous, hand drawn world of Little Briar Rose this week on Switch. In this adventure game, players will follow the classic Brother’s Grimm tale of Sleeping Beauty. Assist princes in their search to save the sweet sleeping princess within a cursed castle. Help woodland creatures by solving puzzles and they in return will help you. Which prince will succeed and save Briar Rose?

Morals and Metroidvanias award: Mable & The Wood

Mable & The Wood, Graffiti Games

Mable & The Wood is a metroidvania with a unique fighting mechanic: transform into a fairy, maneuver through enemies, and call your sword to slice through your enemies. Unlock secret routes to avoid combat and unlock various endings as well. In this metroidvania, you can kill as few or as many enemies as you like. For those who enjoy combat, players will be able to defeat bosses and unlock new transformations, including moles, medusa, spiders, oh my! Mable & The Wood tells a dark tale with multiple endings and routes to discover. Will you save the world or assist in the world falling apart?

This Week’s Couch Co-Op Spotlight award: Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black, Liquid Bit, LLC

The popular arcade game Killer Queen drops on Nintendo Switch this week! Play this strategic platformer in a team with multiple ways to win. Play as a worker, a soldier, or the queen for a unique way to play each game. Claim victory by killing the queen, collecting berries, or riding a snail into your opponents goal. Hop in for a solo mode with competent AI opponents or bring your friends for some couch co-op fun! Play against your friends on PC and Xbox with cross-play, or hook up two Nintendo Switch consoles for local co-op for 8 players.

But wait, there’s more!

For the full list of games, check out the Nintendo Switch eShop for tons of exciting titles. Let us know what games we missed. Which of these new titles are you most excited to play this weekend?

Catch up on all of the awards here.

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