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Moons of Madness Available Now

Cosmic horror game Moons of Madness released on October 22nd. Just in time for Halloween, this terrifying ode to Lovecraft mixes internal struggles with external obstacles. And it all happens in the desolate landscape of Mars. Set in the thematic universe of Secret World Legends, the game stands alone, but calls back to its predecessor.

Orochi Corporation scientists recorded a mysterious signal emanating from the red planet. Analysts determined that the signal was from intelligent origins. Concluding that this discovery was too much for the public to handle, management instead builds a secret, state-of-the-art research facility on Mars. This outpost, called Trailblazer Alpha, works to identify the nature of the transmission.

You play Shane Newehart, an engineer whose job is to keep the lights on at the facility. You are completely unaware of the signal that started you down this path. But soon you have several setbacks: malfunctions, weird mist in the greenhouse, crew missing on EVA. Things are falling apart. You must navigate a realistic Mars, combating visions, paranoia, your own madness. You are isolated. Your only salvation from outrageous apparitions is hundreds of thousands of miles away. And you don’t know what is real anymore.

Get Moons of Madness for 20% off on Steam through October 25th. Or preorder it for XBox One or PlayStation 4.

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