Hayfever, Zordix Publishing

Hayfever blows in at the end of February

Allergy-based platformer, Hayfever, releases on February 25th. Retro music and pixel art graphics punctuate this fast-paced, 2D game.

Postman Thomas’s giant sneezing fit has scattered 240 letters throughout the world. But he still needs to deliver his packages. And the only way for him to do that is to use his awful allergies to his advantage.

Sneeze your way through 140 levels in four worlds representing each of the seasons. Deliver your packages and find the lost letters. Throughout the worlds are different allergens that cause different results: pollen, smog, peanuts. Use each of them wisely to reach the lost letters and deliver your packages.

The weather isn’t the only obstacle in your way. Bees! Scarecrows! Snowmen! You must dogde, defend, and deny them. And every season culminates in a boss battle. Use what you’ve learned throughout the world to defeat them and carry on.

Hayfever  is designed for speed. Use your allergy powers, learn the right lines, and fly through the levels. Replay over and over again to master the action, the levels, and the worlds!

The game comes out on February 25th. Get 15% off on Steam at launch. Or grab it for the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

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