Signs of the Sojourner, Echodog Games

Narrative deck-builder Signs of the Sojourner out now

LA-based indie game team Echodog Games has released its debut title, Signs of the Sojourner. It’s a narrative deck-building game that uses cards as a way to communicate with other characters. The player matches like symbols in order to move a conversation along, but sometimes the limited deck prevents a match. The player must find creative ways to communicate effectively with others in order to build relationships and meet objectives while traveling in a trade caravan. Signs of the Sojourner is a unique gem that has somehow flown under the radar so far, despite positive early reviews.

Echodog Games has been keeping the community involved in the development process of Signs of the Sojourner. We initially discovered the game through its Indiegogo campaign last year and have been following the progress ever since. There’s a dev blog of interesting updates, ranging from UI and font decisions to ink scripting examples. There’s even a personality quiz to see which character you are (I’m Tariq).

You can find the game now on Steam,, and GOG. Because we love to help you get in touch with your favorite indie game developers, you can follow the Echodog Games team on Twitter and join their Discord here. If you’d like to follow other indie game news, check out our End Game Bonus Indie Game News page.

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